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  Payroll & Bookkeeping

Many companies are now outsourcing the payroll and bookkeeping functions of their business to avail of the services of professionals . We at McHugh & Co. will provide you with a complete and professional service designed to save you time and money and ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

Payroll Service

  • Prepare weekly/bi-monthly/monthly payrolls
  • Revenue Returns
  • Revenue reports including P30's, P35's, P60's and P45's
  • Registration of employees with the Revenue
  • Issue of pay-slips and electronic fund transfer to employees.
  • Provision of wage & salary analysis reports
  • Redundancy and holiday pay calculations

Bookkeeping Service

We offer a comprehensive bookkeeping service including:

  • Recording Sales Invoices
  • Recording Purchase Invoices
  • Maintenance of Nominal Ledgers
  • Maintenance of Cash Books
  • Aged Debtors Reports
  • Aged Creditors Reports
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Cash Management
  • Vat Returns
  • Monthly financial analysis and reporting.


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